November 2022 Holiday People & Pet Food Drive

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Excitement may diminish, but need has not, and the Storehouse is need of cat food and also holiday donations. Join us at Covington Safeway for a special 2022 holiday food drive to benefit Covington Storehouse!

Many food bank customers have pets. If those customers have to choose between feeding their children and feeding their pets, the pets will wind up in a shelter (or worse, on the streets) separated from their loving families! We help Covington Storehouse provide for the entire family by collecting pet food donations that help keep those pets with their familes and out of shelters, keeping these loving families together and reducing demand on regional animal shelters.

The pet food drive is coordinated in conjunction with volunteers from our associated Rotaract and Interact clubs as well as community members who donate their valuable time to help keep beloved pets at home and reduce suffering for entire families. If you’re interested in helping out, drop us a note — we’ll be glad to meet you and have the help!

Monies collected at the pet food drive are used by the Storehouse to support pets with specific dietary needs and replenish any items that need resupply. Supplies collected at the pet food drive go straight to the Storehouse for distribution.

You can sign up here to support the pet food drive now!

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